Senator endorses Ted Cruz, calling him ‘best alternative to Trump’

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Sterling

There are just three candidates left in the Republican race for the White House, but there’s no doubt that Donald Trump will be win the nomination, considering the latest results. Also, since Marco Rubio retired from the race, after losing in Florida this Tuesday, and John Kasich has a way to small delegate count, it’s obvious that Ted Cruz is the only one who might have a small chance at surpassing Trump.

Cruz is not good either, but he’s better than Trump

Several Republicans already declared that they don’t want the real estate tycoon to be the GOP’s nominee for the White House, one of them being Lindsey Graham. The Senator announced that he will support Ted Cruz in the upcoming primaries, even though if he’s not so happy about it, states The Washington Post.

This Thursday, Mr. Graham called the Texas Senator the best choice for Republicans who want to avoid seeing Donald Trump being the nominee in July.

“The bottom line is that I believe Donald Trump would be a disaster for the party,” Graham told reporters. “I don’t think he’s a Republican. I don’t think he’s a reliable conservative. I think his campaign’s been based on xenophobia, race baiting and religious bigotry. I think the damage he would do the party would be enormous, and I don’t think he’s qualified to be commander in chief.”

Kasich could’ve been a better solution

Before backing Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham was one of Jeb Bush’s supporters and now, his first choice would’ve been John Kasich, but since he doesn’t have a path to the domination, his choice is not that surprising.

Finally, when asked about how Ted Cruz received the endorsement, Mr. Graham said that he can only be happy about having somebody with the same views on the relationship with Israel around.

“He certainly welcomes my effort to raise money, and in the pro-Israel community, I think I have some resonance. I’ve sort of dedicated by public life to national security. I’m seen as a strong supporter of Israel, I’m proud of that fact, and Ted has been great on Israel,” the Senator declared.