Senator Sherrod Brown, another VP option for Hillary

Senator Sherrod Brown

Donald Trump is not the only one looking forward to picking his vice president these days, as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is also after a potential running mate. After all the rumors pointing to Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren, it’s time for another Senator, this time from Ohio, to be under the spotlight: Sherrod Brown.

Currently, Brown’s nomination is a simple rumor

According to Politico, Mr. Brown refused to answer whether he’s been contacted or not by Clinton’s campaign, regarding a vice president position.

“I’m simply not going to speculate on that,” Brown said this Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” when asked about the position. “I love the job I get to do.”

The Senator avoided questions about a possible VP nomination as much as possible and refused to give any other details about this.

“You’ve heard my answer,” Sherrod Brown said. “That’s what you’re going to get. And talk to the Secretary Clinton campaign.”

Brown could attract a lot of Bernie’s supporters

Senator Sherrod Brown has a background that’s highly appreciated by progressive Democrats, well known for supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the primary. However, he defended the former First Lady’s record on trade and advised voters to trust her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a project she backed while running the State Department.

“She was secretary of state, her boss was advocating a trade policy,” Brown said. “It was her boss. She was the secretary of state for the president. Of course, she’s going to the take those positions.”

In the mean time, Donald Trump also added a new name to his list of possible VPs, in the person of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The two had a private meeting this weekend, at the businessman’s National Golf Club in Berminster, New Jersey, talking for more than an hour.