Is SEO Really Changing That Often?


You have probably heard the complaints that SEO is constantly changing, that people cannot keep up with the changes and that is why their business is not improving. People feel overwhelmed by SEO, but they’re not aware of the fact that SEO technology needs to evolve and the tactics we use to employ SEO need to adapt. However, is SEO really changing that often or are we just not keen on changes and we tend to exaggerate them? Is it possible that there are only the necessary algorithm updates easy to cope with?

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that SEO’s fundamentals are still the same. You can understand that only if you’re a non-expert in the field. You can notice that SEO still is the academia-inspired tool for categorization and authority relevance that can help you optimize your site, and by the end of this article, you’ll see that clearly.


Can someone find your content in the search engine? If not, then your content is not working. The search engine either cannot access your content or cannot read your content. Your site has to have a good structure and a SEO plugin that may help you with the technical problems you’re experiencing. This is one of the things that will never change in SEO. The search engine cannot rank your content if it is unreadable.

Site Structure

Can the search engine recognize your most important pages just by looking at your site’s structure? If not, you’re doing something wrong. There has to be a hierarchy on your site. There have to be more important and less important pages. You need to emphasize the more important ones so that the Googlebot can spot them and assume they’re important. Remember, saving people’s time and efforts and offering a shortcut is Google’s primary aim and that aim isn’t going anywhere.


Just like finding the most important pages, emphasizing what your content is about is essential in SEO, and you can achieve that by implementing the right keyword density in your content. Google still recognizes if you have a poor knowledge of the implementation of keywords. Using your keywords you should answer your audience’s questions, use the terminology as they would use it to refer to your content. Focus on the user’s intent, how the user would ask that question or use that terminology. If you’re unsure how to do that, Miami SEO team can provide you with all the help you need.


Let’s go back to the fact that SEO is academia-inspired instrument. Imagine reading an academic article and not seeing the reference list. You won’t trust the source of information, because there is no source referenced. So, how can someone be sure of your site’s quality if no one sees it that way, if no one references it? Google notices when other websites link to yours and assumes your site is a trustworthy one. This is what backlinks do. Backlinks indicate that your information has a value and your content is trusted by others.