State of the Union Address, Obama promise hope for Americans’



President Obama during the State of the Union address on Tuesday set forth an ambitious vision for America’s future, but not without admitting his failure to ameliorate the downfall facing the political system of the State says it is a disappointment of his time

The televised speech that lasted for one hour forty minutes, much longer than the previous addresses was avoided of certain policy prescriptions. Obama used the medium to paint a hopeful and optimistic future for the nation after seven years of piloting the affairs of the nation with a better economy in the world despite the wave of terrorism in home and abroad

Though Obama, whose campaign slogan was based on hope and change accepted responsibility for not meeting the goals set

Mr. Obama did not stop, but also rebuked his opposition for using the threat of insecurity in the state to attack and raise more criticism of the nation just because of the race to succeed him. He categorically pointed out GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump for his criticism and his hatred speech against the Muslims saying Americans must resist calls to defame all Muslims at this time of threats and pressure from the Islamic State.


Obama: American should embrace innovation and not be intimidated

During his speech, Mr. Obama said Americans should embrace innovation and not to be intimidated by it.  In his words, Obama said the world is looking up to us to help solve problems, referring to the global challenges, “and our answer needs to be more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians ‘’ while he also calls on effort to cure cancer and other diseases with technological innovations while making reference to the death of the vice president Joseph Biden’s son last year


Biden: Obama offers help during my son’s illness

It can be recalled that last week, while granting an interview on CNN, Vice president, Joe Biden confessed that Mr. Obama rendered a financial help to his family during the illness of his son which eventually took his life. He admitted that Obama was so concerned about the issue and even persuaded them not to sell their house for the health bill