Paris attacks on the table at the Democratic debate on Saturday

democratic debate

Saturday evening the three Democratic candidates remained in the race for the White House will battle again to gain the spotlight, but with recent events in Paris, it seems that terrorism and the Islamic State will be the primary subject at the Democratic debate, says The Washington Post.

Paris attacks, one of the main topics of the debate

Hillary Clinton leads in polls, but rivals Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are still in a fighting mood. The second Democratic debate will be hosted on Saturday evening by CBS in Des Moines, Iowa, and everybody expects candidates to speak about recent attacks in Paris that killed more than 200 people. CBS has assured some of the questioning will focus on how to combat terrorism, says The Washington Post.

“Last night’s attacks are a tragic example of the kind of challenges American presidents face in today’s world and we intend to ask the candidates how they would confront the evolving threat of terrorism,” CBS News vice president and Washington bureau chief Christopher Isham said in a statement, quoted by the same source. France is one of U.S’ allies and with The Islamic State claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks, candidates need to react at the Democratic debate on Saturday, probably according to their campaign strategy.

Hillary Clinton linked with ISIS’ rise

Republicans have tried to link Clinton’s time as secretary of state to the rise of the Islamic State, so she is expected to feel some pressure. But how to counter ISIS won’t be the only issue on the table at the Democratic debate.

Hillary Clinton‘s past or Bernie Sanders decision to join the Democratic party, although he criticized it in books, speeches and interviews, will be top subjects displayed by CBS’ moderators. Talks about racial tensions existing on U.S soil are also expected to happen.