Supporters gathered in Vermon to see Donald Trump’s speech

donald trump in vermont

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is continuing his campaign, targeting cities which were believe to be voting for Democratic candidates. The last one was one of America’s most progressive places, Burlington, Vermont, also known as Senator Bernie Sanders’ backyard.

According to The New York Times, the real estate mogul is looking forward to broadening his focus beyond the early primary states. After Mississippi and Massachusetts, it was Vermont’s turn, one of the most solid liberal states in the U.S., to welcome Trump.

Bernie Sanders, the main target. Not a surprise, though

Even though this choice seemed more than interesting, Donald Trump had one precise purpose: criticizing Bernie Sanders in the state he represents and gathering attention from New Hampshire voters, the state which holds the first primary, scheduled for next month.

“They’re afraid to come up here because it has a tendency to be a little bit liberal, a little bit rough,” Donald Trump said of his Republican rivals. “When you look at the candidates, I’m like the only one.”

When he arrived at the Flynn Center for Performing Arts, the Republican was greeted by a crowd of supporters, but, like all the Trump rallies, this one had its protesters as well.

A brass band was playing as people were protesting outside, while a lot of them waited for hours to enter the hall. Organizers had to deal with Bernie Sanders’ supporters as well, turning them away.

How does Sanders vs Trump for the White House sound like?

During his speech, Donald Trump targeted his fellow Republican, Ted Cruz, but Hillary Clinton and her husband, alongside Mr. Sanders, were mentioned as well. The latter was accused of wanting to raise taxes.

“Oh, I would love to run against Bernie,” Donald Trump said, being cheered by the audience. “That would be a dream come true.”