Supporters offer Hillary Clinton advice, ahead of Monday’s debate

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hillary clinton debate

Everybody is looking forward to Monday night’s debate, a crucial event for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as it could change the way things go in the last six weeks before the General Elections.

Mrs. Clinton attended one last event before the debate this Wednesday, in Orlando, gathering a lot of supporters, so CNN interviewed some of them, asking to give advice on how the Democratic nominee should Approach her Republican rival next week.

Supporters are confident in Hillary’s ability to win the debate

“She needs to continue being herself. I personally think how she handles herself with the public is the only way to go. Getting up there and then calling each other names and so forth — I don’t think that gets you anywhere,” said Pat Fagan, 73, when asked about what Hillary Clinton needs to do at the first debate.

“Personally I don’t really know of any vulnerabilities she has. I think she’s going to win the election by at least 10 points. I think she is going to rip him a new one in the debate,” he added.

Mary Sharpe, 73, is looking forward to seeing a sneaky Hillary Clinton on Monday, able to lure Donald Trump into some sensible topics.

“He’s a pushover for baiting. I’d love to see her bait him into some crazy discussion. I think his tax returns, get him off on a tangent about his tax returns — I think that’d be fun,” she said.

Being a woman ain’t easy, especially when you want to become President

Brittany Aroyo, 27, believes that Clinton is way more prepared when it comes to most political issues, but the fact that she’s a woman could be a big disadvantage.

“She has to walk this fine line between being cute and likeable but also being tough and wise and intelligent and it’s too hard — you can never win. Even though we’ll be watching and we won’t care if she smiles, I know a lot of Republicans apparently do.”

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