Syrian Refugees: ISIS Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing


Syrian Refugees: ISIS Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

The massacres in France have been established as another ISIS assault. What’s worse is that at least one of the attackers has been identified as one of the Syrian refugees who entered Europe and France via Greece.

This does not bode well for Europe. They’ve admitted tens of thousands of these refugees, and against warnings from security experts that many of these refugees were actually agents of the terrorist group ISIS.

It’s as if these countries wanted to have ISIS show up and create mayhem at will. Why France, a constant victim of these attacks would risk their population by not paying attention to reality is an indicator of delusion on the part of their leadership.

The main problem is that the Muslim communities around the world have been infected by a sub-culture of psychopaths. These psychopaths use religious dogma as an excuse to commit horrid crimes. They’re well funded by both Muslim and non-Muslim resources, and the citizens of these communities are either unable and/or unwilling to route them out.

There’s plenty of blame to throw around but the bottom line is that these terrorists once again have foiled law enforcement, and news is emerging that some of the assailants were well known to French authorities as having become radicalized. If that’s the case, why weren’t they arrested and deported? Why did the French authorities allow for fertile ground for these terrorists to take root?

It’s more than apparent the French cannot or will not properly defend themselves against terrorism. They’ve now locked down their borders, the second time since WWII but that’s too late, the wolves in sheeps’ clothing are already on the farm.

What has to happen now is for the French to realize, as well as other countries, that their Muslim communities are going to call for extreme policing. Certainly there will be protests, but when it comes to terrorism, all bets are off. You either cut it off and kill it like a weed, or it will just grow back stronger.

These massacres occurred just hours after it was announced that ISIS’ top spokesman, Jihadis John, had been killed by an American drone strike. The next day another ISIS big shot got wasted in Libya.

The world wants a response and a brutal one. People have gotten tired of the dilly dallying of government with the excessive security and intrusions to privacy as well as huge budgets, and these criminals seem to thrive. It’s as though the way to keep a problem going is to throw money at it like fuel.

Something has to be done and done fast. Unfortunately it may mean the deaths of millions of innocent people. The Muslim communities have to dig deep and route these criminals out or the world will do it for them and there won’t be much left when they get done.