Tearing The Roof Off The Sucker, Dylan Roof


Tearing The Roof Off The Sucker, Dylan Roof

As turmoil still broils after the mass killings of nine African American people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, the man accused of the shootings, Dylan Roof has just had about 33 counts handed down on him by a federal grand jury, including federal hate crime laws.

United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch made the announcement during a televised press conference on Thursday, July 22 2015.

Delicately laying out and explaining the charges against the alleged gunman, Ms. Lynch went into detail about what charges were levied, and other related issues in the race motivated slaughter. She noted that Roof’s intentions of “fanning the fires” of racial tension to create a race war, were part of his motivations for murder.

It was at the Emanuel AME Church on June 17, 2015, during a Bible study class that Roof allegedly shot and killed nine people. All the victims were targeted because of their race, and Roof was captured alive. Protests, some violent erupted in the aftermath, and it led to such larger protests that include the removal of the Confederate Flag from both state an public institutions, and the removal of media properties where such flag or symbol of said flag appeared, including the popular action sitcom, “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

The possibility of the death penalty looms over Dylan Roof’s head in South Carolina, according to Ms. Lynch. She stated that the decision to seek the death penalty has not been reached as of yet. Charges along the lines of federal hate crimes, however, have been clearly laid out by the government.

Irony is at play here. The motives for Dylan Roof’s actions are clear, although deeper analysis is needed. Whatever he hoped for, his plans backfired. He has done more damage to the White Supremacy movement than the entire Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Entire state governments and municipalities, groups, and supportive big shots in business and politics have gotten a harsh beat down by the public, thanks to Dylan Roof and it’s only the beginning. Roof may go down in American history as the man who ended the White Supremacist movement single handed.

It will be a year before Dylan Roof will go to trial. In the meantime, the public and government are going to have to sift through all that has happened and hopefully work together to mend the tears that have emerged due to the horrific events of June 17 at the Emanuel AME Church.