Donald Trump is suggesting that Ted Cruz’s citizenship might be a problem

ted cruz and donald trump

We’re already used with seeing new attacks coming from Donald Trump, some of them targeted at his fellow Republicans as well. Lately, his favorite target seems to be Ted Cruz, the candidate rumored to have very big changes of defeating Trump in the GOP race for the White House.

Trump is already considering the prospect of losing to Cruz

Mr. Trump claims that in the eventuality of Ted Cruz winning the nomination, his Canadian roots can be a real issue, according to The New York Times. The problem was addressed in multiple interviews given this Tuesday by the billionaire, being a follow-up to the recent attacks he made earlier.

Last month, Donald Trump tried to discredit Ted Cruz‘s Christian credentials, saying that “not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba”, considering that Mr. Cruz father is Cuban. Of course, this wasn’t the first time when a politician’s citizenship was questioned, since everybody knows about Trump pressing President Barack Obama to prove that we was actually born in the United States, fact proven wrong in the end by Obama, who released his birth certificate.

Ted Cruz’s citizenship is not a problem, at least currently

Back to Ted Cruz, he won’t have any actual problem in being eligible for presidency, as he was born in Canada and his mother was a U.S. citizen. According to the Constitution, this makes his a “natural born citizen”, despite a lot of people debating over the “natural born” part. Still, the issue is not completely solved, as the Supreme Court never had to deal with something like this.

Donald Trump’s decision to launch this attack comes after Mr. Cruz’s rise in polls, so the media mogul is facing the prospect of actually losing to the Texas senator, in next month’s Iowa caucuses, vital for the verdict of the nominating process.