Ted Cruz criticizes Marco Rubio’s NSA comments

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marco rubio and ted cruz

Senator Ted Cruz seems to be focusing on his fellow Republican Marco Rubio a lot in the last period, fact proven by his latest criticism to Rubio’s comments related to the USA Freedom Act, according to Politico.

This Friday, Cruz accused him of desperation and demanded a correction of the recent statements he made about the Act. Marco Rubio is well known for not agreeing with the cause, as it would put a restriction on how the National Surveillance Agency collects data.

Rubio is totally OK with the NSA collecting data

Rubio said that the act, which passed a few months ago with bipartisan support, “took away the right to collect metadata, which means that we can now not access the phone records of individuals that we either suspect of being involved in terrorism or who carry out an attack to see who they were coordinating or talking to.”

Ted Cruz‘s campaign manager, Chad Sweet, who is a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, immediately made a declaration: “This particular assertion – that America couldn’t target those who have carried out attacks – is beyond the pale and Rubio should correct the record immediately, instead of attempting to instill a false fear among Americans,” he said.

Ted Cruz considered Rubio’s statements innacurate

He demanded Marco Rubio to formally correct his statements, considered inaccurate and tell the actual truth about the U.S.’ intelligence capabilities.

On the other side, one of Rubio’s spokesmen said that Ted Cruz has praised the fact that telephone metadata is no longer collected in bulk, as it was previously revealed by former NSA employee Edward Snowden.

Lately, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have been constantly arguing about national security and foreign policy issues, with the Florida senator pointing to Cruz’s lack of knowledge when it comes to his approach on terrorism, while the Texas senator said that Rubio is “misguided” on foreign policy.