Ted Cruz looks optimistic before New York primary

ted cruz new york primary

Just a few hours separate use from the start of the New York primary, the most important event of the month for both Republicans and Democrats, due to the big number of delegates waiting to be won.

We all know how tense things are becoming on the Republican side, as front-runner Donald Trump is accusing the GOP of rigging the nomination process against him, so Ted Cruz can enter the race for the White House. As for the Texas Senator, he seems more optimistic than ever.

Cruz has started campaigning in the states where next week’s primaries are scheduled

According to The Washington Post, Mr. Cruz is already thinking at what he will do after the New York primary, as he’s campaigning in Maryland today, one of the five states set to hold primaries next week.

Despite multiple polls suggestion that Donald Trump is the favorite to win the 95 delegates in New York, Ted Cruz ignored this information during his rally in Baltimore. Still, he called the state of Maryland “a battleground” in the GOP primary.

“The nation is looking to Maryland to decide, do we nominate Donald Trump? Or do we unite behind the Cruz campaign?”, the Senator said.

Donald Trump must be stopped from becoming the GOP’s nominee

He continued in firing shots at his main competitor, claiming that Trump winning the nomination would lead to total chaos in the Republican party, or, as he likes to call it, a real “bloodbath”. Finally, Cruz mentioned again that he is the only one who can stop the businessman from securing the nomination.

Currently Donald Trump is leading the Republican race, with 744 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz, with 559, and John Kasich, with just 144. Still, if the Texas senator manages to win the New York primary, the race will definitely be relaunched.