Ted Cruz is ready to start campaigning again!

ted cruz to resume campaign

After the disappointing result from the Indiana Primary, Ted Cruz announced that he is suspending his campaign, making Donald Trump’s path to winning the GOP nomination clear. Still, it seems that the Texas Senator is not totally out from the race!

Ted Cruz quits. Aaaand he changes his mind.

This Tuesday, in a radio interview, Ted Cruz admitted that if he starts winning primary contests again, he is considering continuing his campaign. For example, if he obtains a good result in Tuesday’s Nebraska primary, we might as well see him ‘fighting’ with Donald Trump once again.

“Let’s be very clear, if there is a path to victory — we launched this campaign intending to win,” Cruz said, quoted by Fox News.

Last week, Ted Cruz decided to end his campaign, as, after the Indiana loss, he couldn’t see any way of winning the nomination, but “If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.”

Trump already forgot about his former competitor

Considering that Donald Trump is already making the transition to a general campaign, focusing more and more on Hillary Clinton, who he will most likely face in November, Cruz’s declaration is very surprising. Still, he is aware of the fact that Trump was voters’ favorite, but, despite this, he will not endorse him and won’t ask his supporters to do it either.

“This is a choice every voter is going to have to make — and I would note it’s not a choice we as voters need to make today,” he said.

Currently, Ted Cruz has just 564 delegates, while Donald Trump managed to gather 1,068. His only chance of stopping the businessman from winning the nomination would be to hold Trump under 1,237 delegates, the amount required to win, and hope for a contested convention. But again, this is less likely to happen, which makes us very curious to find out if Ted Cruz actually wants to continue.