Ted Cruz: ‘The US is in Crisis.’


Mackinac Island- Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is also a GOP candidate for the 2016 elections revealed to the Mackinac Republic Leadership Conference that he was going to spur the economic growth by investing in the Environmental Protection Agency and the federal agencies which have descended like locusts.

Cruz asked the attendees, “Where will we go if we lose our freedom here? That is why you are all here today.” Cruz also claimed that Michigan was ground zero for the Reagan revolution since it introduced the Reagan Democrats into the country.

Speaking to a gym full of supporters and some undecided voters at Mackinac Public School, Ted Cruz said that,’ our country is in crisis. ’

“It is now or never,” Cruz said. “Our kids and grandkids are being bankrupted; the constitution is being assaulted by Washington. America receded from leadership, and the world is currently a dangerous place,” noted Cruz.

He also suggested that it would be appropriate for the United States to move to a flat tax that would allow all the Americans to have their income tax returns on post cards.

1tedcruzCruz joked that men and women in the crowd were scared of living daylights out of Washington and that anyone who sees a candidate from Washington should run and hide.