Ted Cruz was on the verge of suspending his campaign

ted cruz texas victory

The ones that consider Ted Cruz the only Republican who might have a chance against Donald Trump don’t actually know that the Texas Senator wasn’t far from dropping out of the presidential race, in the eventuality of a very bad result on Super Tuesday.

Texast was vital for Cruz’s future

According to CNN Politics, the Senator confirmed on Wednesday that if the result from his home state would’ve been a negative one, he was ready to suspend his campaign. Still, he continues keeping his position, focusing on the upcoming Florida primary and changing the narrative. Also, the same source mentions that Mr. Cruz is also working to sell his own donors and backers on his own viability.

“Listen, everyone recognizes Donald Trump is a unique phenomenon. And we were encouraged by internal numbers, but you know, I asked the team what do we do if we lose Texas?” Ted Cruz said in Overland Park, Kansas, on Wednesday night. “And we had reached the conclusion, if we had lost Texas, that would’ve been the end of the road.”

Just 3 Super Tuesday victories

Apparently, Ted Cruz was comfortable with the idea of retiring from the race for the nomination if he had lost Texas, but it wasn’t the case, since the victory was assured. Also, he was looking forward to an even better result, with victories on Super Tuesday in multiple states, but he only managed to score Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska.

“Last night, when we were going through the different scenarios on what might occur, the senator asked what if we lose Texas,” Jason Johnson, Cruz’s campaign manager said.

“And I said that’s simple: You don’t have to do it on the stage, but you clearly stand there and remind people that ‘tonight is not a reflection of the ideas, the issues, the vision, etc. But clearly we now have to pull back and pray and think about who we throw our support behind in order to reignite the promise of America — because clearly it ain’t me.'”