The Absurdity Of Iran’s Threats Against Israel


The Absurdity Of Iran’s Threats Against Israel

It appears that even with an agreement regarding nuclear arms with Iran and the rest of the world, the Iranian government is going out of its way to sabotage any form of peace to the point of absurdity.

The ink wasn’t even dry before Iran’s top brass started hurling threats and insults toward Israel, the United States, and others. If you’ve just signed a treaty of peace, then one would think it would be wise to not invoke hostile and vitriolic statements. This isn’t the case with Iran, and it appears President Obama’s much lauded peace deal is falling apart at the seams.

In this latest barrage of insults and threats, the senior adviser to Iran’s Speaker of Parliament, Hussein Sheikholeslam stated that Iran “rejects the existence of any Israeli on this earth,”. It was the Times of Israel that reported this week that Sheikholeslam also stated that Iran is going to do everything it can regarding its support for Hamas.
What’s additionally absurd is that the government of Iran also posted a video on an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps linked website espousing the destruction of Israel by Iran, and basically that Iran would wipe Israel from the annals of history.

The absurdity goes further with a tweet from Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stating that how he and Iran would support anyone who fights against Israel.

It’s a wonder he doesn’t have a Pinterest account where he would post pics of pictures of Israeli President Netanyahu with Photoshopped vampire fangs and zombie makeup on, things have gotten so out of hand.

With Republican and Israeli opposition to Obama’s nuclear deal plan, it is unlikely that it will pass into law, but then again Obama has veto power that will take a two-thirds vote to override. Even if Obama’s override works, it still means pending war or long term, drawn out hostility with Iran as Iran just doesn’t care. They know they can rattle their swords as much as possible without ramification other than sanctions. With many sanctions now lifted their economy may improve to the point that in 10 years they’ll be able to wage a war of some effectiveness.

Israel and the world powers shouldn’t sit by while this happens. It’s like the powers that be want that Iranian war and the United States’ military/industrial complex couldn’t be happier along with their Republican flunkies. Republicans want war anywhere because it means money. It’s not Iran’s oil anymore because thanks to President Obama, the US is now the top petroleum producer and there’s still untold billions and billions of barrels of oil offshore of the US and in Central and South America as well as new energy sources that basically is going to put Middle Eastern oil out of business except for China and Japan.

Overall, things don’t look good for peace with Iran by any means and Obama is delusional if he believes so. Should conflicts break out before the next election, the GOP may well win the White House and this debacle becomes Obama and the Democrats’ Waterloo.