The Armageddon Factor: The World vs ISIS


The Armageddon Factor: The World vs ISIS

In the wake of the massacres in France, Iraq, Kenya, and other parts of the world, the issue of one final assault against the forces of ISIS has come to the fore and the future does not look good.

The attacks in Paris highlight how ineffective much of the security and law enforcement agencies are in regard to the persistance and tenacity of ISIS. France can be said tohave precipitated this recent event by not facing reality, being delusional in regard to a predator force, ISIS. They allowed Syrian refugees into the country and ahdn’t already secured their Muslim communities from terrorism. It’s sort of like catching a weasel in the chicken coop and leaving the gate open at the same time. Something is going to come through and you’re back to square one.

Now comes time for the world make a decision regarding ISIS and terrorism as a whole.

The prospects don’t look good by any means.

For the world to effectively stop the Islamic extremists, it means letting all the Islamic countries know, that if they engage in such behavior, even rhetoric, they face obliteration on a massive scale. Even muffled threats can no longer be tolerated. It means that the Islamic countries are going to have to sit down, shut up, or be a vague memory to future generations.

It’s a harsh prospect, but it’s realistic. Diplomacy doesn’t work with sociopaths and psychopaths. Only brute force. Should the Islamic countries balk, it would lead to two final outcomes. A massive manned invasion of all the countries calling upon about 100 million military that would be impossible to maintain, or mass obliteration of entire populations.

So the choice would be, stop or no longer exist within the space time continuum.

It doesn’t get any more complicated than this.

Think of radical Islam as an infection. Sometimes a body part can become so infected, that it cannot be cured but must be amputated. Same goes with cultures. When a culture is infested with a predatory force it is unwilling and/or unable to remedy, the culture itself must be neutralized.

Again, harsh, but that’s where this is all headed and it spotlights the ancient prophecies that state that this is exactly what is going to happen.

Shades of Nostradamus, ironically, a French seer, and bookmark the Book of the Revelation in the Bible. That’s how psychotic things have become and unless something new comes along, some miracle, some divine intervention or new technology that could detect and neutralize terrorists, it looks like things are going to get extremely messy on the planet Earth.

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