The Battle Over Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

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The Battle Over Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

President Obama has been riding high regarding the recent deal with Iran regarding their nuclear objectives. The deal opens the doors for more trade and removes many embargoes and other restrictions that have crippled Iran for years. The world sat and watched to see how Iran reacted and so far it only appears that they’ll be cooperative.

On the other front, legislators are being bombarded with anti-Iran Deal support. Powerful lobbying groups have taken out millions of ads, flooded social media, pounded on the doors of lawmakers and stirred up trouble that even the President has to acknowledge. This is getting dangerous as even democrats may buckle under the anti Iran sentiments that come from not only Americans and the military, but from foreign sources as well.

Iran has every right to hate the U.S.. It was the U.S., and Britain that manipulated Iran and Iraq for decades with dictators who subsequently got toppled by the people and for the most part by orthodox Muslims. Millions of Iranians have died and hoping that they’ll just stop and be friendly is delusional at best. There is no way to compensate those people for what was done to them by western powers, so the nuclear weapons deal is literally like the old saying of using a Band Aid on a head wound.

Iran doesn’t trust the U.S., and for good reason. The U.S., doesn’t trust Iran, and for good reason. This truce is only temporary until the big picture unfolds. Israel trusts nothing in this deal and has repeatedly sworn that they’ll not sit by and wait for Iran to develop some nuclear weapon and use it against them. Iran’s top leaders have repeatedly made threats that their mission is to destroy the State of Israel.

When Israel bombed Iraq’s burgeoning nuclear plant, that sent a message that Israel doesn’t give a darn what the world has to say. The same is going to happen here. It is inevitable. It might then start a cascade of diplomacy as other nuclear armed Muslim countries will surely retaliate and Russia might join in. The U.S., and Israel would not be able to stop such an attack and it would lead to the destruction of Israel, perhaps faster than Israel could retaliate.

It would be wise for all involved to truly think out the route they’re going in. The Iranian people have suffered far too much and want peace, however, like many countries, they don’t have the weapons power to overthrow their governments and establish peaceful and equitable leadership.

The clock is ticking to this doomsday scenario, and the world needs to stop and take a deep look at what is going on. Get into Iran and talk some sense into the leadership, somehow get them to realize the future they may bring down upon their civilization and culture. The big obstacle, of course, is religion. Religion and weapons do not mix. History has shown this time and time again.