The email scandal is still haunting Hillary Clinton

david paterson on hillary clinton

Even though she was cleared and the email scandal is now closed, Hillary Clinton is still criticized by important political personalities. The latest is former Democrat Governor David Paterson, who called out her this Sunday, claiming that she took a “victory lap”.

“After the attorney general absolved Hillary Clinton and said there were no criminal penalties that she would be held accountable for, she goes and basically takes a victory lap with President Obama,” Paterson said, according to NY Post.

Hillary opted for a wrong approach

Even more, Mr. Patterson also offered the Democratic nominee a piece of advice on “a much better message” she could have sent after the email scandal case was closed, says the same source.

“What if Hillary Clinton had had a press conference and said, ‘You know something, I’m really happy that there are no criminal charges being levied against me, but I recognize that I did a lot of things wrong,’ ” Paterson suggested. “ ‘I used poor judgment, and I want the voters to know that I have learned a lesson from this situation, and I will never be in violation this way again.’ ”

These remarks came a few weeks after Hillary Clinton was accused of being “extremely careless” with handling classified information during her term as Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey didn’t press any criminal charges against her, but insisted of making these accusations public.

“Too much information is revealed!”

David Paterson also claimed that Clinton’s behavior proves once again that there’s a tendency of revealing too much information in national politics, mentioning that Donald Trump’s declarations upon the family of a slain serviceman is another argument in favor of his theory.

“What if Donald Trump had had a press conference and said, ‘You know something, I very much mourn the loss of this family’s son, and I respect them as Gold Star families, however there are a lot of people who lost their lives in the war, and many of their families feel differently,” he concluded.