The FBI Wants Hillary’s Head


The FBI Wants Hillary’s Head

It’s as if the law enforcement end of big government is hell bent on finding something, anything, to pin on former Secretary of State and First Lady, Hillary Clinton. Now they’re ramping up even more investigations on whether she committed a crime regarding those emails.

The Republicans have already embarrassed themselves into a hole in the ground regarding Clinton in televised hearings that saw Republicans backpeddling and apologizing while Democrat leaders roasted the Republicans without mercy.

So far Clinton has beaten all attacks and as she continues her frontrunner status it looks like someone behind the scenes is trying to derail Clinton’s chances of becoming the first woman President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton is no newbie regarding scandal and corruption. It’s followed her continuously, especially the fallout from her husband’s transgressions, business partners, political staff, her pets, and just about anyone connected to her. What’s of interest is that this email scandal seems to be the only thing outside of the Benghazi debacle her opponents can pile on her.

The public doesn’t seem to care though. She’s still either neck and neck with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the top Democratic spot regarding the Democratic nomination and it looks like she’ll stay there. Even if the FBI does find something to pin on Clinton the public is likely to laugh it off because they’re more interested in why the FBI and the Republicans can spend so much money, time, and effort on Clinton when big banks are still engaged in fraud, gangs still roam the streets, illegal immigrant crime lords, and all that go still unhandled.

The only thing of magnitude of the FBI situation is whether Clinton tried to cover up anything. If so, that wouldn’t be too kosher no matter what.

You just don’t lie to the FBI.

Clinton’s people are going to have to juggle any interviews and other inquiries by the FBI and there’s sure to be many a government Republican who’ll be happy to assist.

Hopefully Clinton will take it all in stride. She’s a professional at dodging attacks and has the people behind her to support her along the way. What will be of interest is to see how Clinton deals with the FBI investigation. Should she come out clean, and then go on to the White House, the FBI is going to have their hands full if she decides to investigate their investigation.

Stranger things have happened.