The first 2016 Republican debate, a shocker even for Democrats

2016 republican debate

The first 2016 Republican debate, that took place on Thursday, turned out to be in favor of the Democrats, with GOP’s candidates attacking women’s rights and immigrants. It was like Democrats received a wild card in order to help them win the White House race.

Democrats are not worried

“I felt pretty good that we increased the chances that the Democratic nominee whoever it is, will ultimately be elected president of the United States,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), told MSNBC on Friday, according to The Guardian. Although the first 2016 Republican debate attracted record ratings, it seems that this will not be in their favor.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, primary Democratic candidates, were delighted after their rivals performances : “Not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That’s why the Republicans are so out of touch.”, Sanders tweeted.

Apparently, Rubio was the winner

Even Marco Rubio, a more moderate Republican candidate, seen as the winner of the debate, exaggerates with Parenthood and abortions plan, as he is arguing even the exception for women who were victims of rape or incest.

marco rubio republican debate


“I personally believe that you do not correct one tragedy with a second tragedy – that’s how I personally feel, very strongly about.”, said Rubio. It seems that a hard line on abortion is a requirement for many candidates to proceed in the Republican primary, but, undoubtedly, it will back fire in the fight with the Democrat nominee in November 2016.

Some Democratic responses also highlighted the negative contrast of a lively and spirited 2016 Republican debate against what many see as a more processional Democratic primary with fewer opportunities for candidates to spar in public, as Martin O’Malley’s deputy campaign manager, Lis Smith, noticed : “The first 2016 Republican debate made one thing clear: we need more debates – on both sides.”, said Lis Smith.