The Founding Fathers Agree With Kim Davis 100%


Conservatives in the United States are torn between marriage clerk Kim Davis following the law or finding another job. Same sex marriage is now law of the land. However, Jefferson, Lincoln and Hamilton would beg to differ on Supreme Court Constitutionally enacting laws and statuses.

Judicial opinions are binding legally and parties in the Kim Davis case have so far complied to the constitution. Supreme Court issues opinions on issues that the other government branches, executive and legislature, should consider. However, the Founding Fathers agree that the Supreme Court is not king and that their opinions are not the laws of the land.

Any opinion of the court or law that is contrary to the constitution is null and void. The law should therefore, be ignored or rejected by civil magistrate and all the other branches of government. Under set rules the Supreme Court should be no more superior than the legislature and the executive branches of government.

With many factors considered Democrat governor in Kentucky might be violating oath when he allows marriage licenses issued when Kentucky has not yet amended its state laws to favor same sex couples. With America being a “land of the free” not all religious beliefs are in sync. Kim Davis’ case is just one out of many cases budding across the U.S.