The New Cabinet For The Liberals


Trudeau and the members of the new cabinet for the Liberals will be sworn in tomorrow (Wednesday, November 4th, 2015). Although a cabinet’s purpose is to advise the prime minister or president regarding political decisions that could have a major impact in some situations, some politicians ensure that their cabinet decisions portrays certain beliefs, even if they are artificial, just to keep themselves in a positive light and ensure the satisfaction from almost every person in the given country. After all, if there’s a cabinet member that seems to represent you, that would give you a boost of confidence in the new government.

Trudeau’s cabinet is diverse, to say the least. A major concern raised from this is due to the utmost perfection of the selections. There is such a large span of ethnicity, genders, location, all present in the cabinet. This makes it hard to believe that you would really just happen to be lucky enough to have your best cabinet candidates represent so many groups. The Star covered some of the cabinet members that will be sworn in tomorrow with Trudeau. Earlier, we discussed the same issue regarding Trump and his statement that he would bring a Muslim into cabinet.

The question really is, is the cabinet selection simply the beginning of a basis for a stronger re-election campaign down the road? Are we really looking for the best cabinet, or are we just looking for what will make people happy at the moment, not what will make them happy down the road?

One thing that this cabinet selection has shown us is that Trudeau intends to keep to his message. “Real Change“. The question is, will it be real change for the better or for the worse?