The one reason why Mike Pence isn’t a great VP choice

mike pence and donald trump

After a long wait and tons of rumors, Donald Trump finally announced his VP pick, in the person of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. However, it seems that his running mate could make things even worse for the businessman’s campaign.

It is well known that Trump has problems with gay, minority and female voters, but he could totally lose their in the upcoming months.

Female voters might as well be considered lost

According to The Washington Post, Mike Pence is known for endorsing a controversial legislation on abortion, gay rights and immigration in the state of Indiana and in the Congress.

Even more, Pence tried to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding. Also, he signed one of the strictest abortion law in the U.S., earlier this year, banning abortions of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome or any other disability or because of the race, sex or ancestry of the fetus.

“This law attempted to do exactly what Supreme Court precedent said could not be done: invade a woman’s privacy rights by preventing her from deciding whether to obtain a pre-viability abortion,” Ken Falk, the legal director of the Indiana American Civil Liberties Union, said.

Considering all these, Pence can appeal to socially conservative and evangelical voters, who otherwise would have been skeptical on voting Donald Trump. On the other side, a vice-president described by Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, as anti-woman and anti-gay.

Democrats are criticizing Trump’s choice

“A Trump-Pence ticket should send a shiver down the spine of women in this country,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “Donald Trump just sent a message to the women of America: Your health and your lives are not important,” he added.

Donald Trump’s decision to choose Mike Pence as his running mate is considered by a lot of political figures as a confirmation of the fact that his campaign is the most divisive one in American history.