The race for GOP runner-up gets tighter on Super Tuesday

marco rubio and ted cruz super tuesday

2016 can mark an important moment in the Grand Old Party’s history, as Donald Trump, the current front-runner, is expected to simply dominate the primary on Super Tuesday, so the spotlight will instead move on the battle for the second place.

Rubio and Cruz are the only ones that can still make a difference

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are currently looking forward to secure the second place in the race for the nomination and becoming an alternative to take on the businessman, according to Fox News.

On the other side, Ohio Governor John Kasich and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson don’t have high expectations for Super Tuesday, even though their presence in the race can still be frustrating for candidates.

Super Tuesday was never anything that we ever thought was going to be some great thing for us,” John Kasich openly said Tuesday, also telling Fox Business Network there’s “zero chance” of seeing him endorsing a candidate.

If Trump is expected to win in most of the states, Rubio and Cruz are still optimistic about specific states. According to the latest polls, the Florida Senator has a big chance of being the winner in Minnesota, where he held a rally today. As for Ted Cruz, he is the favorite in his home state of Texas, pretty much one of the most important states, with 155 delegates.

Trying to defeat Trump with his own weapons

In order to make sure they manage to snub a few votes from Donald Trump, the Senators stepped up their attacks, using even personal insults, similar to those the businessman used in his campaign.

“Every now and then, someone like that needs a taste of their own medicine because that’s called a bully and he’s using the pulpit of the presidency or the presidential run to insult people,” Marco Rubio said.

If this strategy helps them and who will finish the Super Tuesday race on the second place will be seen as soon as the voting ends, tonight.