Iran’s Supreme Leader Speaks! Watch Out America!


The Supreme Leader Speaks! Watch Out America!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei has issued even more warnings directed toward the US regarding any war that might breakout between the two countries.

In this tirade that is part of a video found on social media, Khamenei states his disappointment to some words issued by President Obama regarding how swift and overwhelming a US response to a war would be against Iran.

The Supreme Leader followed up with the typical rhetoric about how Iran would fight to the end and all that rot, but he did bring up some points worth noting, that being the US has continually failed in Middle Eastern warfare and any attack on Iran would lead to further embarrassment.

Khamenei is pushing his luck in many ways here as the new US/Iran deal that is set to go into effect in October still has the ink wet on the contract. One would think that the Iranian government would be happy to get things moving in their country regarding embargoes, but no, instead, heir highest official is continually issuing threats and insults that don’t help at all.

The UN inspectors and other inspectors charged with monitoring Iran’s nuclear facilities don’t need to have their everyday activities peppered with high level threats and saber rattling. It helps no one and Iran can’t afford to get into a fight with anyone. With the spread of the Islamic State, Iran has to get their act together or lose out on everything.

There’s just so far the US and the world is going to put up with Iran’s nonsense and the battle in Syria and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the world is tired of this nonsense and Khomenei has to grow up and face facts that insults and threats aren’t going to be good for anyone involved.

What needs to be done is to make a final decision. Either Iran is going to play nice or it isn’t. The media can help by just not giving such rants credence and instead point out the absurdity in grown men acting in such a manner.

It’s obvious these people don’t care about the wellbeing of their countrymen nor the world in general. They do have a legitimate beef as had it not been for European and US intervention that pitted the Middle Eastern countries against one another, but that is history and now is the chance to remedy the situation through peaceful discord and fellowship. It would work wonders if Iran cut out all the harsh attacks and just sat down and got things rolling along.