The White House Responds To Kanye West’s Bid for President



Kanye West announced that he would run for top office in 2020 elections. His announcement is yet to be confirmed to be real or a mere stunt. However, since rapper shared his high hopes for president during his acceptance speech during the VMA there has been mixed reaction. A majority of people are saying if Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump can lead a campaign then why not a rap star?

Kanye Whist House

Amidst the reaction from different spheres White House has also responded. Press Secretary of the White House Josh Earnest, told the Billboard Magazine that he is looking to seeing Mr. West’s slogan for his campaign hat. Kanye West seems to have many supporters who are so excited about the announcement and want to know what he can bring to the table.

On Monday Young Minority Republican Fund chairman Eugene Craig registered a political action committee called Ready for Kanye with the Federal Election Commission. He also registered the site Craig said he would love to see Mr. West run on a Republican Ticket. He also added that “He brings a lot to the discussion that’s missing” during his interview with Whether his announcement is a publicity stunt or his move to lead the U.S. Kanye West has followers in his corner who are willing to push him to the Oval Office.