The White House’s War On Heroin…A Case Of Shutting The Barn Door After The Horses Have Run Away

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The White House’s War On Heroin…A Case Of Shutting The Barn Door After The Horses Have Run Away

In a move that just might help, but emphasizes the United State’s ineffective War on Drugs, the White House is going to announce a battle plan that will have public health workers and law enforcement working together to bring about more treatment to heroin abuse instead of the chronic incarceration and avoid anymore deaths by the drug.

That’s a little too little, too late, as heroin has exploded in use in the United States to the point of overwhelm. The American public was totally unaware of the impact heroin would have over the past 15 years. The drug has seen an unprecedented rise in volume, traffic, and revenue unlike anything ever seen. Not only in the U.S., but in other countries as well. So much so that the price of the drug has dropped to levels so low that even the poorest persons and communities can partake of it without damaging their economic standing. It’s a plague. The big quandary is how did heroin get so prolific when the main supplier, Afghanistan, was under war for the past decade in the longest and most expensive war the United States has ever waged. Even when the White House under then President George H. Bush demanded the eradication of the Afghanistan poppy fields, his own generals retorted that it wasn’t their job to do so.

With that kind of attitude, the heroin production exploded. Even with international coalition combat teams all over. The poppy fields were so easy to locate that school children could find them using Google Maps in just a few minutes.

It becomes apparent that the ‘Powers That Be’ wanted heroin to expand. When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, they put a major crimp in the heroin trade. When the United States invaded Afghanistan, the heroin trade reached unprecedented levels and shows no signs of letting up. Now, because of the rising number of deaths due to heroin, the government is going to attempt a major strategy change. President Obama has pushed for prison reform, especially for non-violent drug crimes. That means an emphasis on prevention, education, and treatment like many of the other developed countries have adopted.

This strategy is only going to be accepted if there’s money in it. Even if they succeed in getting the ball rolling, the entire new law enforcement/treatment procedures will turn into a bloated racketeering game.

What’s even more laughable is the money allocated to this initiative. A measly $2.5 million from the White House Office of National Drug Control that is supposed to cover 15 states.

$2.5 million? That’s all? They expect to rehab the entire heroin treatment hopes with such a pittance?

Well, we’ll just have to give the White House the benefit of the doubt on this one. We’ll see what the statistics say in a year from now.

  • Crut

    Until the sheeple mindset of “punish the druggies” is changed to “help the people”, nothing will change.

    The time to end the War on (some) drugs (i.e. Prohibition 2) has been a long time coming. Can we learn from history this time?