Things we have Learnt about the Presidential Elections



In the United States Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. The presidential campaign also gets serious as the political stakes get higher. After the Labor Day candidates no longer have the luxury of a day off.

Donald Trump is real

When Trump got into the presidential race many saw it as a an entertainment stunt. In a turn of events it looks like it is a political milestone. Trump has flirted off presidential bid since 1988 and this time Trump has built an unlikely coalition and has also become a juggernaut. He is currently the GOP frontrunner.

Super Pacs aren’t everything

Rick Perry and Jeb Bush have run into financial woes and are yet to get out. This time it seems like the model of Super Pacs is just not working. The Pacs have been used to raise unlimited amount worth of campaign money. Perry had to lay off almost his entire campaign team whereas Bush’s campaign has cut staff pay and laid of fundraisers as well.

Hillary Clinton is vulnerable

Since Hillary Clinton got into the presidential race she seemed to be the likely candidate to back the party nomination. However, it seems that that isn’t the case anymore. She has had negative news going her way recently and her poll ratings are dwindling. The most important lesson this time of the Presidential race is that anything can happen.