Thinking Vice President Joe Biden For The 2016 Presidential Race


Thinking Vice President Joe Biden For The 2016 Presidential Race

He’s been struggling with the untimely death of his son, but Vice President Joe Biden, is still a contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination, whether he likes it or not. He’s not officially made the announcement, but there are many that wish he would jump in.

Biden is a ‘busy’ executive. Meaning that he doesn’t sit down and bark orders, he gets up and is active in all aspects of his responsibilities. Where he gets the energy is anybody’s guess, but he’s traversed the country tirelessly, seeing to the expansion and efficiency of the President’s policies and the American infrastructure as a whole. He even campaigns for fund raising for other Democratic politicians, does charity appearances, news appearances, and his regular job sitting in the big chair keeping an eye on Congress. With all that, and helping in the Iran nuclear negotiations, Biden may not appear to be looking into running for President, but other sources say otherwise.

Biden, at this point inactive in the 2016 presidential run, is found to be third in the polls of contenders. He’s right behind Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, and of course the front runner, former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Should Biden turn on the heat, capture the public’s imagination, he could clearly be top dog in the race but he would have to do some pretty dramatic and solid statements regarding policy changes in government the public wants to hear.

The race has become a hot one thanks to Republican hopeful, Donald Trump and Sen. Sanders. Both are the only contenders to drop the pretense and not follow the herd by addressing controversial subjects of embarrassing hilarity but danger. Tackling illegal immigration, corporate oligarchy, racism, sexism, corruption in government, these topics are the ones the public want addressed and mainstream news avoids. The public has turned away from mainstream news to more homespun journalism found on the web. Those venues allow the public to interact and exchange ideas in real time, as with traditional journalism, they would rarely, if ever, get a chance to voice their views.

Biden, if he’s going to run, is going to have have to master social media and the web as a campaign platform and communications system. Trump and Biden are already shrewd players who utilize the web to great effectiveness. Sanders, mostly, as prior to the web, a candidate like him wouldn’t see the light of day. Here is where Joe Biden’s people have to move in and conquer or he’s got no chance.

Biden has to make his move by September, so the suspense is on. His knowledge and experience would carry over big time and make Obama’s legacy still have legs, especially if he chooses present Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson as his Vice President. Johnson has the knowledge and experience to make a good running mate and probably President one day. He’s a Clinton appointee to the position of General Counsel of the Air Force and later an Obama appointee to General Counsel of the Pentagon before taking the big Homeland Security chair.

So the clock is ticking to see what Biden does.