Threat against muslims made in writing on the walls of Virginia Tech

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On the walls of a bathroom stall at Virginia Tech appeared on Monday a message that stated “I will be here 11/11/2015 to kill all Muslims”, says USA Today College.

Tanushri Shankar, president of the Student Government Association at Virginia Tech confirmed for the same source that students didn’t even know about the threat until Thursday, when an email alert was sent to all of them, including staff and faculty titled “Situational Awareness – Seeking Assistance.

The Police Department started an investigation

On Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, Virginia Tech Police Department received a report concerning graffiti that had been left inside a bathroom stall in Price Hall. The graffiti stated “I will be here 11/11/2015 to kill all muslims (sic).” The Virginia Tech Police Department continues to investigate this matter. We are making the community aware of this graffiti and seeking the community’s assistance.”, was the content of the email.

“My heart aches. It aches for the students being chastised for their religion. It aches for the university that so desperately needs a change. But mostly, my heart aches for the fact that this email didn’t surprise me that much.”, said Shankar, obvious upset.

It’s time to put an end to this 

Obaid Rehman, president of the Muslim Students Association at Virginia Tech, also talked to USA Today College and told them that this is the time to act against this type of thinking.

“Islamophobia is being normalized, and we must speak out against it. … This is a critical moment in which we can all let each other know that yes, we area all different, yes, we have different backgrounds, yes, we might be from different ethnicities, yes I may totally disagree with you, but I will still respect you as a fellow human being, and I will stand up for you because it’s the right thing to do,” Rehman says.

In response to the threat, the Muslim Students Association at Virginia Tech launched a campaign Thursday that included sharing cookies with students studying in the library in order to “extinguish ignorance with love,”, according to USA Today College.