Three new names on Trump’s potential VPs list

donald trump vp nominees

The Republican Vice-President saga continues, as Donald Trump is still after a potential running mate. The businessman announce that he is planning to meet with Senator Joni Ernst this Monday, one of the several names he mentioned lately. Of course, this does nothing but fueling speculation and making everybody curious about his final choice.

Trump keeps meeting potential VPs but he’s still undecided

“I look forward to meeting @joniernst today in New Jersey. She has done a great job as Senator of Iowa!” Trump tweeted earlier today.

According to CNN Politics, Joni Ernst appeared on the VP shortlist this weekend, alongside Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Arkansas Senator Tom Cottom, both of them praised by the Republican nominee.

“Senator Tom Cotton was great on Meet the Press yesterday. Despite a totally one-sided interview by Chuck Todd, the end result was solid!” the Republican nominee wrote on Twitter, after Cotton’s Sunday interview on Meet the Press.

Previously, Tom Cotton also declared his support for Donald Trump, but the Senator did seem to be reserved, in some way or another. When asked why the Republican should be president, Cotton said that “he can ultimately make the case for himself”, jokingly adding that he “just doesn’t demonstrate enthusiasm much in life, especially in such dangerous times as these.”

A former Cruz supporter, vice-president under Trump’s administration? Hard to believe…

As for Mike Pence, he was also complimented by Trump, this Saturday, through a tweet. “Spent time with Indiana Governor Mike Pence and family yesterday. Very impressed, great people!”

According to the governor’s spokesman, “nothing was offered and nothing was accepted”, referring to a possible vice presidential speculation. It’s worth mentioning that his presence on Donald Trump‘s shortlist is surprising, considering the fact that back in May, Pence endorsed Ted Cruz, but without coming out against his rival.