Tim Kaine calls Donald Trump ‘self-obsessed’ with becoming president

tim kaine on donald trump

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, was a relatively discreet presence until now, avoiding launching any serious attacks at their main rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump. However, this Tuesday, Mr. Kaine took attitude, criticizing the businessman for his contradictory positions on foreign policy issues, claiming that he lacks a basic knowledge required to deal with them, according to The Washington Post.

Tim Kaine fires at Donald Trump

“The prospect of the emotionally volatile, fact-challenged, self-obsessed and inexperienced Donald Trump as commander in chief scares me to death,” Kaine said at an invitation-only event, where he was also joined by military veterans.

These comments come ahead Wednesday night, when both Hillary Clinton are expected to appear at a televised commander in chief forum, so it’s obvious that Tim Kaine wants to present Trump as an inexperienced candidate. Also, he indirectly revealed that new lines of response and attack that Clinton could deliver at the forum.

Besides his lack of knowledge when it comes to foreign policy, a very popular topic among anti-Trump groups, Kaine accused the Republican of lying to the American people about his record of support for the war in Iraq, as Trump claimed that he opposed the war.

Was Trump a supporter of the Iraq War?

“In Trump’s first campaign speech, he claimed he’d had the foresight to say, ‘Don’t hit Iraq,’ because you’re going to totally destabilize the Middle East,” Tim Kaine said. “It’s one of the main rationales for his candidacy. And it’s completely made up.”

Finally, the Democratic VP added that Trump’s attitude is totally wrong for somebody that wants to be president. “He says whatever he feels like at any given time because that’s what you do when you’re a TV star,” he added. “But you can’t do that when you’re president of the United States.”