Tim Kaine hopes that he can work with the GOP

democrat tim kaine

After three successful presidential debates, Tim Kaine is confident in Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the general elections, so he’s already thinking at ways of how a Democratic White House could cooperate with Republicans and re-establish the ‘relationship’ between the two sides, after a tense presidential campaign.

The two seem to form a pretty solid team

In an interview with the Associated Press on Saturday, Hillary Clinton’s running mate said that him and the Former Secretary of State have already spoken about how they’re planning to heal the nation, in the eventuality of a success in November, according to The Washington Post.

The Democrats’ plan includes tackling economic anxieties, finding common policy ground with the Republicans and try bringing GOP members into the administration, as elements of unity.

“We have not run this campaign as a campaign against the GOP with the big broad brush — we’ve run it against Donald Trump,” Tim Kaine said. He predicted: “We’re going to get a lot of Republican votes and that will also be part of, right out of the gate, the way to bring folks back together.”

Are the elections already won?

Lately, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been intensely focusing on the scenario in which they win the elections. On the other side, Tim Kaine admitted he didn’t talk with the Democratic candidate about this. Instead, he only recently began considering the possibility of a victory and hired former chief of staff Wayne Turnage as transition director and started considering the issues we would purse as the United States’ vice president.

“It’s probably only been in the last couple of weeks that I’ve started to think about, OK, the prospect of winning is such that we better start doing some thinking about practicalities,” Kaine added.

The former Virginia governor has recently joined Hillary Clinton’s circle, but they seem to have developed a pretty strong relationship over the past months.