Trump accuses Cruz of using “gestapo tactics”!

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The difference between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is getting smaller with each Republican contest, the two being separated now by less than 200 delegates. Knowing what kind of candidate Trump is, there’s no room for surprise when it come to the statements he makes about Cruz. Or that’s what we wanted to believe…

This Sunday, the Republican front-runner wanted to share his opinion about how the GOP is organizing the nominating process, while Paul Manafort, his newly-appointed convention manager, dropped the bomb, accusing Ted Cruz of using “gestapo tactics” in order to obtain delegate support.

Trump thinks he’s in the same situation as The Bern

“What they’re trying to do is subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans,” Trump said to the crowd gathered in an airport hangar from western New York, according to Fox News. He even compared himself with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who doesn’t seem to have any chance in his race against Hillary Clinton.

“We should have won it a long time ago,” the businessman said. “But, you know, we keep losing where we’re winning.”

What’s interesting is that Paul Manfort, known for being a veteran GOP strategist, said during NBC’s “Meet The Press” that Ted Cruz’s campaign is using a “scorched earth” approach, in which “they don’t care about the party. If they don’t get what they want, they blow it up.”

Just your regular accusations

Even more, Mr. Manfort added that Donald Trump is planning to fill protests against the Texas Senator’s campaign, accusing him of not playing by the rules. “You go to his county conventions and you see the gestapo tactics,” he said.

Despite all these accusations, Trump maintains his advantage, but we can say that he’s on thin ice, just before the New York Primary, from April 19, where 95 delegates will be available. If Ted Cruz maintains his winning streak, Donald Trump should be very careful with the statements in the upcoming months…