Trump and Clinton are preparing for a historical debate!

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Trump vs Clinton debate

This night, all eyes will be on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as they’re preparing for their first head to head debate, with the potential of becoming the greatest political show in the world!

Starting with 9 p.m., the two candidates will face off in one of the most anticipated moment in the modern US political history, claims CNN. Also, the same source mentions that the moment will, most likely, reach an audience able to rival Super Bowl, as 100 million Americans will watch the duel.

Will Hillary Clinton exploit her advantage?

The battle for a spot in the Oval Office is tighter than ever, as Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party’s nominee, is relying on a narrow lead in many national polls. Also, she has almost no margin of error in key states, able to decide the fate of the General Elections.

This night, the former Secretary of State’s main objective will be forcing Donald Trump to stick to facts, instead of the vague statements the GOP’s nominee has made during primary debates.

Donald Trump’s nonconformist discourse could be the winning formula!

On the other side, Trump will also have a very tough mission, as he must bring his unconventional style, which brought him a huge amount of popularity, to one of the most traditional venues of a presidential campaign.

Both candidates can be considered two of the most famous persons in the world, as their successes and failures from over the past years have made the tour of the world, so it’s obvious that not only U.S. citizens, directly interested about the result of the debate, will closely follow the - we don’t see any reason why we can’t call it like this - clash of the titans.

Will Hillary Clinton prove that Donald Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be President or the businessman’s method will eventually change everything we know about presidential debates? We will be back with updates, as soon as tonight’s debate is over!