Trump and Cruz tear at each other in new campaign ads

cruz and trump in negative ads

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump and his chief rival Senator Ted Cruz of Texas released negative campaign ads targeting each other. The feud between the two candidates is not new but they have decided to take it to the airwaves. Trump on friday released a new ad questioning Cruz’s stance on immigration policy and highlighting a December interview on FOX News, when the Texas senator stammered to answer questions about his past positions on legal status for undocumented immigrants. Similarly, Cruz released his own ad portraying Trump an enemy of the people.

Trump’s negative ad shows Cruz as ‘pro immigration’

Donald Trump launched his first negative advertising campaign of his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Friday, which shows Sen. Ted Cruz as “pro immigration” and “pro amnesty.” The 60-second ad draws on recent television interviews of both men to draw contrasts in their statements on immigration. Trump’s ad which is slated to run in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina contrasts Cruz’s sometimes stuttered answers to Baier’s questions with Trump’s statements that “we have to have a country.” The campaign ad is scheduled to run in the early nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and Mr. Trump’s campaign said it is spending $2 million a week on advertising.

Cruz launches ad against Trump

Senator Ted Cruz unveiled his own spot eviscerating Trump for his support of “eminent domain” laws. In the campaign ad, according to Charismanews, a female narrator describes the concept as “a fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them, like Trump.” “Trump won’t change the system,” the ad concludes. “He’s what’s wrong with it.” Donald Trump has aired far fewer campaign ads than his Republican rivals, relying instead on the news media to get his message out on television.