Trump and the Media


The fact that Donald Trump has a fondness to speak his mind isn’t anything unfamiliar. However, no matter how bold, blunt, or offensive he has been throughout this campaign, there has been one question that we all want an answer to. Has he really deserved all the negative media portrayal? Trump has commonly been portrayed as an ox-brained chatterbox, someone with very little knowledge in politics. And, very clearly, Trump thinks that the media is being very unfair, having lashed out at them several times. However, he does state that he “has become immune to it”, putting him into a state where he no longer cares about what they think.

There have been several interviews and debates where Trump has been treated unfairly. This unfair treatment includes specifically targeting Donald Trump’s defects over any other candidate, rumors, and cutting Trump off while he is speaking. In company with this treatment, major adolescent-viewer websites like BuzzFeed continue to clobber Donald Trump. This is a major complication that could end up unfairly hurting Trump in the voting. As proven in the Canadian election on October 19th, 2015, the young voter count has increased greatly over the years, CBC states. When BuzzFeed puts out articles that contain a much higher density of anti-Trump material, these new voters will be sparked into a mob mentality with the mentality that Trump is certainly not a valid candidate for becoming the president of the United States of America. A lot of this anti-Trump content is simply ridiculous.  Has the media really fallen low enough to insult a candidate based on their looks? If this was a fair debate, we would have voters being able to judge off of policies, not how a president looks.

Donald Trump, however, is a very credible candidate for the president of the United States of America when we take apart what should compose a exceptional president. Firstly, he has an extremely large amount of experience in business. Some may argue that he simply inherited a large portion of the money. The fact is that he did start with roughly 30 million. However, he multiplied said net worth by almost 300 (to a net worth of about 8.7 billion). If we are looking for someone who can take a large sum of money and increase it by an astronomical degree, Trump is the candidate we need. Trump is also comfortable on camera, and will make a fantastic, not to mention motivational public speaker. Nonetheless, Trump’s largest issue could end up being his self control. If he’s able to hold back some comments when talking about other countries, his public relations should manage to be moderately strong (excluding the fact that a Liberal-Republican relationship will probably not fare well).

He may be unpredictable, but he can, without a doubt, help the economy. Through all this negative media attention, it may be a hard fight for Trump. The question is, is Trump fighting against the other candidates, or is his only real opponent the media?

  • Anna Thrax

    Although you bring up valid points regarding the unfairness of Trump’s treatment by the media, this does not necessarily mean that he would be a quality president. Even disregarding the ad hominem arguments of the media, a president who’s public relations rely on “if he’s able to hold back some comments” (or not) is not going to make for a good political representation of a whole country. In regards to the main point of the Trump argument, he will not necessarily be equipped to economically improve the country, as you suggested. Trump’s career very quickly took off because of his self-fulfilling ideas on the value of real-estate. He had already inherited a large amount of money when he started out and he got very lucky on his first few large projects. His acclaim grew and as such, when he largely overstated the value of properties, people were still willing to pay because they trusted him to be lucky and do well with their real estate. Whenever he invested and predicted large returns, he would get them because people thought that he would. Additionally, prowess in real estate, after being helped out by “daddy”, does not necessarily translate into economic ability in terms of the whole country’s economy. And, if the only quality that we need in a president is the ability to speak on camera, we might as well vote for Kim Kardashian because she too has the ability to motivate people. In conclusion, Donald Trump may not deserve the full on assault by the media but that does not mean that he deserves to be president.