Trump attacks Bill Clinton’s ‘sexism’

trump and bill clinton

Outspoken and controversial billionaire businessman and front runner for the GOP ticket in 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump has hit back at former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton’s ‘sexist’ jibe by attacking her husband Bill’s infamous infidelities. The former First Lady had accused the real estate mogul of ‘having a penchant for sexism’ after he said that President Obama had ‘schlonged’ her in the 2008 race to the White House. according to the Daily Mail, Donald Trump last week appeared to threaten Clinton over the accusation in a tweet where he warned her: ‘Hillary, when you complain about “a penchant for sexism,” who are you referring to. I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!’

Trump, taking the battle further

Donald Trump on Saturday night slammed Hillary Clinton by citing her husband’s history of marital infidelity and alleged sexual misconduct while he (Bill Clinton) was the President, escalating the increasingly personal feud between the GOP front-runner and the leading Democratic presidential candidate. The CNN reports that Trump tweeted that “Hillary Clinton has announced that she is letting her husband out to campaign but HE’S DEMONSTRATED A PENCHANT FOR SEXISM, so inappropriate!” The “penchant for sexism” line refers to an interview Hillary Clinton gave earlier in the week to the Des Moines Register, when she used those words to describe Trump after he said she got “schlonged” in her 2008 primary loss to then Barack Obama, a remark widely seen as sexist. Former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities are infamous and his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky even led to his impeachment in 1998. While he was president, Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones to settle a long-running sexual harassment lawsuit.

Bill remains Hillary’s weapon

Trump and Bill Clinton have a long relationship. The Clintons attended Trump’s third wedding in 2005, and the businessman is a donor to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton has largely avoided publicly campaigning for his wife or getting involved in the sniping between 2016 hopefuls, though he did call Trump “fact-free” during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett in September. Trump’s tweet on Saturday came one week after Hillary Clinton announced that her husband will be hitting the campaign trail next month, calling him her “not so secret weapon.” For Hillary Clinton, it’s a chance to deploy the man who remains popular with voters nearly 15 years after he left office and who still relishes life on the campaign trail.