Trump, Carson to boost security aides

Trump, Carson to boost security aides
Trump, Carson to boost security aides

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been reported to likely get Secret Service protection.
The development comes after an aide to Carson met with the U.S. Secret Service’s Dignitary Protection Division to request protection for the candidate as threats against the presidential candidate has grown, according to a source close to the conversation.
The source also stated that a representative for Trump’s campaign also made contact with the Secret Service on Friday and the request is likely to be granted this week.
Trump however was outspoken last week in calling for Secret Service protection, saying that while he has a private security team, his rallies have gotten large.

“We’re getting the biggest crowds,” he said “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” last Thursday, admitting his team has been speaking with the Secret Service while suggesting a double-standard was at play for Republican and Democratic candidates. “If I was a Democrat, they’d have it but it’s really up to them. They know what they’re doing, and I assume they’re doing the right thing. I would hope they are doing the right thing.”
Over time it as been rare for such official protection to be given to candidates before they officially get their party’s nomination, the Secret Service can however make exceptions based on threats. For example, then-Sen. Barrack Obama received protection early in 2007, long before he secured the nomination, amid threats against the man who would be the first black president.

Source : Fox News