Trump claims that he knows a lot about foreign policy

donald trump face the nation foreign policy

Not once has Donald Trump proven that he’s way behind when it comes to foreign policy and his rivals exploited this as much as they could. The last was, of course, Hillary Clinton, which criticized his faulty approach. But the businessman couldn’t resist and fired back!

During this Friday’s interview for “Face the Nation”, Donald Trump said that Mrs. Clinton’s criticism was “ridiculous” and instead of delivering a discourse presenting her approach on foreign policy, she insisted on his policy.

“I want these countries to pay for protection.”

“I mean first of all, you know, she talked about that I want to nuke all of these countries,” Trump explained. “We are protecting them. We have $19 trillion in debt, it’s very soon going to $21 trillion…And I want these countries to reimburse us at least for our cost. We’re talking about ultimately trillions of dollars over a period of time. And we just can’t be doing that anymore. This isn’t 30 years ago and 40 years ago.”

What Donald Trump wanted to say is that the United States’ allies from Europe, Asia and the Middle east should actually pay more in exchange for being helped with defense, according to CBS News.

When it came to nuclear options, the Republican nominee for the White House race suggested that he’s OK with some countries opting for nuclear weapons, if they want to defend themselves, instead of using U.S. help.

ISIS is a priority!

Finally, Donald Trump claimed that the fight against ISIS is a very important point in his foreign policy plan, explaining his recent remark that he knows more about the terrorist organization that the generals in the U.S. military.

“They don’t know much, because they’re not winning,” Trump said. “That I can tell you. Now, I think they’re not winning for a different reason. I think Obama’s hurting them,” Trump said.

“It’s all being run from the White House. I’ve spoken to certain generals, I’ll keep it quiet as to who, but highly respected people they say we could knock them out fast,” he added.