Trump and Clinton won the New York primaries

new york primaries

The results of the New York primaries are in and, despite the initial enthusiasm showed by supporters of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, there weren’t any big surprises. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump added important victories to their portfolio, securing their spots as front-runners and bringing them one step closer to winning their parties’ nominations.

Trump is still on thin ice, while Clinton can be considered the winner

Both candidates were looking forward to winning New York, as each of them have deep ties to New York, not to mention that Hillary Clinton and Donald launched their White House campaigns in The Big Apple. After the results were revealed, they declared that winning a spot in the Oval Office is their ultimate goal, according to CNN Politics.

After the number from the New York primaries were revealed, Donald Trump was confirmed to be leading the race, with 845 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz, with 559, and John Kasick, with 147. In order to win the nomination, a candidate needs 1237 delegates.

Moving on to the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is close to a victory, with a total of 1930 delegates, including 1428 pledged delegates and 502 superdelegates. Senator Bernie Sanders on the other side, has a total of 1189, with 1151 pledged delegates and 38 super delegates. 2383 delegates are required to secure the Democratic nomination.

Like expected, the winners delivered their victory speeches right after the New York primaries.

The final duel is almost a certainty

Donald Trump seemed more confident than ever, claiming that his main competitor, Ted Cruz, was “just about mathematically eliminated.” “We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump said. “We’re going to go into the convention I think as the winner.”

As for Hillary Clinton, she opted for a different attitude, but the message was similar. “We started this race not far from here on Roosevelt Island,” Clinton said. “And tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the Democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight.”