Trump Dump, The Donald Can’t Play

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Trump Dump, The Donald Can’t Play

After his outrageous domination of the recent GOP candidate debate last week, Donald Trump has gotten dumped from an upcoming debate forum and it has his hair standing on end even more.

This latest chapter in the GOP race for the White House has the group RedState disinviting Trump for their upcoming event. It is because of Trump’s statements about FOX News’ Megyn Kelly, whom Trump stated had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever,”, in response to her chastising Trump for his shenanigans.

RedState’s editor-in-chief, Erick Erickson, who is leaving the group, made the decision at the last minute. The news has taken many by surprise, but it has only gotten Trump back on his soapbox with even more fervor.

Trump tore into RedState regarding the action and the media is abuzz all over the place. Whatever RedState’s intention was, it is backfiring because without Trump at the debate, the public may lose interest altogether and cause a ratings disaster that will damage the remaining GOP hopefuls who might come off bland and uninteresting compared to Trump’s charisma and theatrics.

If that happens, Trump will have a field day. He’ll have cemented himself as the center ring of today’s GOP politics and the real star of the show. The other Republicans have failed miserably to capture the imagination and attention of the public the way Trump has. They’re all playing it safe, lipping off the same rhetoric the public has heard time and again, with none of them showing the enthusiasm, innovation, and firebrand personality that Trump has led the pack with so far.

The last debate saw all ten of the hopefuls jockeying for airtime but none of them had anything to say that mattered much. They shied away from the hot topics of the day such as the police brutality issues, and the like. They seem to be trying to buy time to see if Trump will burn himself out before the final list of contenders are announced by the deadline of September.

On top of all that, the GOP contenders know they won’t have a chance at the throne of nomination if they don’t kow tow to the wishes of the banks, military industrial complex, and hard line conservatives who want an end to several long standing social programs, Obamacare, and anything the Obama Administration has had established.

The suspense is on for the next debate. In truth, Trump need only have to sit back and watch it crash the ratings to stand tall and show that he’s the new sheriff in town.