Trump: Establishment is against me

donald trump criticizes virginia gop

Donald Trump, the controversial GOP presidential hopeful who previously said the GOP establishment is warming up to him, has retracted his statement. Recently, Trump insisted Monday that the Republican establishment is against him, but coming on line. Trump explained why establishment leaders are more prepared to back his presidential bid over that of Cruz, the Texas senator who has cast himself as a principled lawmaker but whom critics call inflexible. The two leading candidates will slug it out i the Iowa caucus.

Trump says the GOP establishment is coming on line

Trump, has positioned himself as the better candidate, compared to Sen. Ted Cruz, worthy of the backing of the establishment. Trump called Cruz a “nasty person.” “I think the establishment actually is against me, but really coming on line because they see me as opposed to Cruz who is a nasty guy who can’t get along with anybody,” Trump said. “At a certain point you’ve got to make deals.” “We can’t have a guy who stands in the middle of the Senate floor and every other senator thinks he’s a whack job,” Trump said. “You have to make deals. You have to get along. That’s the purpose of what our founders created.” Cruz has continued in his effort to define himself as the principled Conservative and Trump as an enabler of compromise. Bob Dole explained last week why the establishment should prefer Donald Trump to Sen. Ted Cruz. Dole by saying Trump is someone with whom the Establishment can make a deal.

Will the establishment dump Rubio for Trump?

Trump is winning the heart of several Republican establishments while at the same time creating reasons for some to distance themselves from his ambition. According to CNN, Trump’s candidacy has from the start faced a barrage of criticism from the political and consultant classes in Washington, several establishment Republicans have said lately that they would sooner back Trump than Cruz, while some Establishment Republicans do prefer Trump to Cruz, seeing him as the more dangerous candidate.