Trump’s fundraising is below expectations!

donald trump fundraising

Everybody knows that Donald Trump is the only candidate able to pay for his campaign from his own finances, but the costs are getting higher and higher, so he also relied on fundraising. However, he doesn’t seem to be good at it.

Trump is not willing to spend just his own money anymore

According to Fox News and the, the Republican campaign raised a total of just $3.1 million last month, having to lend the enterprise $2 million, in order to cover the total costs.

“The real estate mogul’s meager cash flow spotlighted the urgent need for him to dramatically ramp up the fundraising he is doing in conjunction with the Republican National Committee,” says The Washington Post, quoted by the above mentioned source.

Considering all these details, it’s obvious that Republican donors aren’t that generous, which could be a very bad sign for Donald Trump. However, in most cases, media overestimates the importance of the amount of cash a campaign raises. After all, Jeb Bush managed to raise $100 million through his Super PAC, but he still wasn’t able to win the nomination.

Clinton leads the fundraising race

As for Hillary Clinton, she seems to be $41 million ahead Donald Trump. Even more $28 million of the total was raised the past month! What’s more impressive is that the former Secretary of State has a 700-person staff, 10 times the size of Trump’s, which also leaves to big expenses, but the campaign manages to cover them.

Trump declared that during the primaries he spent $55 million of his own money and he’s ready to do it again in the general election. However, “it would be nice to have some help from the party”, the real estate mogul said.

Finally, the main difference between the two candidates is that Hillary Clinton’s side sends reporters emails with news about Trump and his party daily, while the Republican doesn’t even have a communications director, so he sends just emails containing general statements, from time to time. Could this be one of the cause of his poor fundraising results?