Trump: I will ban the internet to find ISIS


During Tuesday night’s GOP debate, controversial and leading Republican presidential  candidate, Donald Trump proposed an unusual strategy for fighting the ISIS: banning “areas” of the internet “where we are at war with somebody.”

According to Vox news, Trump said that “We should be using our brilliant people. Our most brilliant mind to figure a way that ISIS cannot use the internet. And then on second, we should be able to penetrate the internet and find out exactly where ISIS is and everything about ISIS. We can do that if we use our good people. asked if he would close part of the internet, the business mogul said: “I would certainly be open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody. I sure as hell don’t want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our internet. Yes, sir. I am.”

It would be impossible for the government to switch off the internet, just as it would for them to switch off Bitcoin and the blockchain.

There is no going back on ban of internet

According to the Independent, Donald Trump has is serious about his tactics and is committed to his plan to ban the internet, and has further laid out the details of how he intends to do so. The Republican presidential hopeful said last week that he intended to shut down parts of the internet so that they could no longer be used by children. “The technology is being used by Isis to radicalise young people and so should be shut down”, he claimed. Mr Trump also said that he would speak to Bill Gates about “closing it up”.

The plans are done and ready

Donald Trump, to show his commitment to his policy, went on to detail a plan that consisted of two parts:  getting smart people like Bill Gates to help him close down the internet. He said during the debate that he would look to use “brilliant people from Silicon Valley and other places, and figure out a way that Isis cannot do what they’re doing”.

It is unclear however, the “areas” of the internet at which America is at war with “somebody,” how one could shut down “areas” of the internet, or even what an “area” of the internet is. Those are issues to be explained by Donald Trump as the election politics continues.