Trump insists his health care project is going according to plan

donald trump health care plan

Even though the White House is convinced that a new and better health care bill could emerge in the House next week, there are many GOP leaders who are not that confident about such an emerging plan being able to gain enough votes to succeed.

Donald Trump is confident!

President Donald Trump said during a White House news conference on Thursday that his cabinet is on the virtue of presenting a new health care system, one that was being made on a “great plan”. Still, the 70-years old mogul offered no details, making it more ambiguous, according to The Washington Post.

What has drove the White House to such unexpected optimism? It seems that leaders of the conservative Freedom Caucus and the moderate Tuesday Group have made a deal and are now giving states more flexibility to pull out of “Obamacare” provisions. The thing is that even a senior White House official revealed that is unclear how many votes Republicans have, even thought the House Speaker Paul Ryan said that a vote could become public soon.

The project, to be decided next week

But the White House still has to pass a spending bill within days to avoid a government shutdown, not to mention that there are some issues regarding the health agreement that need to be clarified, and there’s the necessity of selling the “product” to lawmakers. So how is the House going to vote next week on the health legislation? Even GOP lawmakers and aides to party leaders, conservatives and moderates alike don’t have an idea.

Trump said he planned to get “both” a health care deal and a spending bill, but he’s about to “celebrate” his 100th day in office without having signed a major piece of legislation. In these conditions, are the President’s words still trustworthy?