Trump links the attempt to take Mosul from ISIS with the general elections

donald trump on the fight for mosul

Donald Trump is apparently trying to shock as much as possible with his declarations, as this Sunday, he claimed that the United States’ effort to retake Mosul from ISIS is apparently an effort to influence the results of the general elections.

Trump is insisting on the same declarations

This isn’t the first time when the Republican makes such a claim, as we already said something similar during the third Presidential debate, according to The Washington Post.

“But you know who the big winner in Mosul is going to be after we eventually get it? And the only reason they did it is because running for the office of president and they want to look tough,” Donald Trump said.

“They want to look good. President Obama violated the red line in the sand, and he made so many mistakes, made all the mistakes. That’s why we have the great migration. But she wanted to look good for the election. So they’re going in,” the businessman added.

Of course, even though it’s not worth mentioning this, since it doesn’t do anything but state the obvious, but let’s analyze the whole situation.

Trump’s argument doesn’t make any sense!

First of all, let’s not forget that it’s Barack Obama who’s controlling the operations in Iraq, not Hillary Clinton. Still, Trump believes that Hillary Clinton would somehow benefit from the President’s success and current popularity. therefore, making this accusations makes a bit of sense, at least for the Republican.

Moving on, Hillary Clinton is way better than Donald Trump on foreign policy issues, so there’s no reason why should be implied in the fight for Mosul. She’s also looking solid on pretty much everything related to the conflict against ISIS, so the idea that she needs an image boost, from this point of view, doesn’t make any sense at all.