Trump has a new ridiculous theory about Ted Cruz

trump accusses cruz father

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump launched numerous theories about his competitors, but this last one is simply amazing! The Republican front-runner accuses Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s father of being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy’s assassin.

The Republican front-runner aims at Cruz’s father

During an interview for Fox News, Trump mentioned an article from The National Enquirer, which was claiming to have photographic evidence that Rafael Cruz and Oswald were distributing leaflets supporting Fidel Castro in Louisiana, back in 1963, says The New York Times.

This whole scandal started in the wake of the Indiana primary, which could decide the result of the race for the Republican nomination.

Cruz Sr. urged evangelical voters to support his son, also claiming that choosing Trump could mean the “destruction of America”. After hearing this, the businessman reacted in its personal style.

“I think it’s a disgrace that he’s allowed to do it. I think it’s a disgrace that he’s allowed to say it,” he said, before launching the accusations.

“And, you know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. What is this, right, prior to his being shot, and nobody brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported and nobody talks about it. But I think it’s horrible.”

The Texas Senator dismisses everything

Ted Cruz’s campaign, through spokeswoman Catherine Frazier.

“The false, cheap, meaningless comments Trump makes almost daily indicates his desperation to get attention and willingness to say anything to do so. We are campaigning on jobs, freedom, and security while Trump campaigns on false tabloid garbage.

Even more, The Enquirer report’s was called error-filled and its overall approach was seriously questioned, as the newspaper seems pro-Trump.

We’re looking forward to hearing Donald Trump’s next theory, especially if he will be, from a mathematical point of view, the GOP’s nominee.