Trump not happy with endorsement for Cruz

ted cruz and donald trump

President of the Family Leader, Vander Plaats, opposed to abortion and gay marriage, has decided to endorse Texas Senator, Ted Cruz for president instead of GOP front runner, Donald Trump. Vander Plaats said he endorsed Cruz over Trump because the billionaire businessman’s record on abortion and gay marriage is “a mixed bag.” He said that he was concerned when Trump said at a forum with evangelicals in Iowa last summer that he does not seek forgiveness from God. According to the Washington post, the final blow was when Trump appeared to mock the physical disability of a New York Times reporter. Vander Plaats said he was also dismayed to hear Trump joke that he could shoot someone and still not lose support.

Donald Trump calls Bob Vander Plaats ‘a bad guy’

Trump took to his Twitter page to lambaste Vander Plaats, calling him “phony” and “a bad guy.” The attacks came as Trump announced that Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. had endorsed him. “It’s Donald Trump exposed: He wants to be your friend when he thinks he can get something in return for that friendship,” Vander Plaats said Tuesday in an interview. “In Iowa, we look at friendship as what we can do for our friends, not what our friends can do for us.”  Recently, Ted Cruz also got the endorsement of the evangelicals.

Trump is proud, arrogant and temperamental, says Vander Plaats

As an influential evangelical Iowan, Bob Vander Plaats experienced what it was like to be friends with Donald Trump. The New York billionaire invited Vander Plaats and his family to visit New York several times, refusing to allow them to pay to stay at one of his hotels and lavishing kindness. Vander Plaats said he has seen others receive the same sort of treatment from Trump. “It just shows a guy that gets tossed about to and fro too easily,” Vander Plaats said. “I think that kind of pride and arrogance leads to unstable temperament and judgment.”